An Intro to NA

Narcotics Anonymous - Bali - Indonesia

Does your work bring you into contact with using addicts?
Would you like to know more about NA?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then the NA Bali Area Public Information Committee (BASC-PI) is eager to hear from you. BASC-PI is entrusted with increasing the awareness and effectiveness of NA among the general public and professionals whose work brings them into contact with addicts in Bali.

 Narcotics Anonymous values the building of relationships with any professionals working with addicts, for example national and local government, the helping professions, and public, private and voluntary organizations which have direct contact with addicts, their families and friends. We maintain successful relationships with many such bodies through regular dialogue.

 Our experience shows that we have many non-addict friends who can act as advocates for NA. BASC-PI cooperates with professionals and organizations by providing information about NA’s programme for recovery from addiction.

We can arrange for NA members to make presentations in educational facilities, treatment centres and correctional facilities as well as other public venues.

Narcotics Anonymous literature is available for sale to professionals and facilities.

Some facts about NA in Indonesia:

NA was founded in 1953 in the USA and is one of the oldest organizations of its type in the world.
The first Bali meeting was in Seminyak in 1990. Narcotics Anonymous published its first full-length book, the ‘Basic Text’, in 1982 and since then the fellowship has grown dramatically.
NA exists in approximately 129 countries with over 61,000 weekly meetings taking place.
There are over 26 weekly meetings within the community in the Bali. Hospitals and Institutions committees also run several meetings and this number is growing rapidly.
We have meetings in treatment or detox units; in hospitals, along with meetings in young offender institutions & secure units and dozens of prisons.
The BASC NA Helplines handles 100’s of telephone calls each year.


: For enquiries please email BASC: